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PROFILE - Emma Goodfellow


Emma’s passion is helping people achieve their greatest potential. She considers herself to be a ‘person in progress’, constantly evolving and open to growth. Emma brings compassionate, non-judgemental understanding to her role as Clinician.


As a Registered Psychologist, Emma dedicates herself to learning all she can to share her knowledge to help the people she works with. Emma empowers her clients, so they fulfil all seven areas of their lives – spiritual, mental, vocational, financial, familial, social and physical.


Emma has worked across Australia to gain insight and experience working with others. She also continues her personal development completing regular training in the latest therapy techniques to underpin her work with her clients. She believes in the power of the individual and says often we forget our unique gifts as we face the daily challenges of everyday life. Emma believes many issues stem from our perspectives and beliefs in an ever-changing world. Emma supports clients to manage internal emotional states to achieve life balance.


Emma is vibrant, open and passionate about helping people to overcome mental health. She has achieved a Bachelor of Social and Developmental Psychology, Murdoch University; Bachelor of Human Resources, Murdoch University; Honours in Psychology, Bond University 2018; and has completed a Masters of Professional Psychology at Curtin University.


With an integration of scientific and holistic approaches, Emma specialises in individual based therapy. She has experience working individually with clients who may be experiencing issues in their personal or work life, relationship therapy and working with children struggling with anxiety and depression. 


Emma says, “Our world is getting busier, teaching people awareness and fundamental skills to navigate this world is essential. If you have been thinking of reaching out for some time or know a family member who needs some help (as we all do at times), be brave and vulnerable today and ask for help, you are safe in this space!”

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