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BSC(Hons). MSC, PsychD. MAPS, AFBPS.


Hello. My name is Jay. I am a Global Nomad and Counselling Psychologist with 20 years of international experience as a Counsellor and Psychologist. I am a member of the APS and APRHA in Australia and abide by their code of ethics.

I have worked in a variety of private, public and charitable settings over the years providing individual therapy and specialising in anxiety and trauma with children and adolescents, but I also work with adults. 

I use an integrative model of therapy to help clients achieve change. This means I make use of a number of treatment interventions in my practice including, CBT, Psychodynamic Therapy, Play Therapy, Mindfulness, ACT EMDR and more. Each session is individually tailored and co-created.

Ultimately, I believe the counselling relationship can be an effective catalyst for change. In today's fast-paced, high-pressure, media-heavy society it is difficult to find the time to hear our own voice and allow ourselves time to recover from, or manage, difficult challenges. I work compassionately and collaboratively with my clients to allow them the space to hear their own voice and determine their own direction for change.

I hope you find a path toward the change you are seeking, and if you think I could help, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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