Bachelor of Science (University of Western Australia)

Graduate Diploma of Education (Secondary; Notre Dame University)

Graduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced; Monash University)

Master of Professional Psychology (Curtin University)


Whilst continuing study in Psychology, I worked as a teacher in Mosman Park where I was provided ample opportunity to engage effectively with children, adolescence, teachers, and families, allowing me greater understanding of the difficulties faced by all parties. During this time I completed my thesis on the impact of personality types on problematic smartphone usage, and contributed to a literature review for the NSW Department of Education exploring the impact of mobile phones in primary and secondary education. As such, I have a good understanding of how new technologies can influence mental health.


During my early career as a psychologist, I worked in a CARE school in Rockingham alongside disadvantaged adolescents, gaining experience in treating a range of issues; from trauma, grief and loss, depression, anxiety, fears, stress and anger management, interpersonal difficulties, drug use, and sexuality/identity concerns, all of which I have an avid interest in treating. I have enjoyed working with a range of individuals from children to adults, with a particular interest and strength in working with adolescents. I am a strong advocate for positive psychology, health, and fitness which I believe are inter-related with general wellbeing and good mental health. In my practice, I endeavour to create a non-judgemental, confidential, and safe space for my clients to explore their thoughts, fears, and concerns.


I am practiced in a range of evidence-based psychological treatments, including cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, narrative, psychodynamic, developmental, play, and schema therapies. I adopt an individual approach to client treatment, and place great emphasis on a strong therapeutic relationship. I believe a strong client-therapist relationship supports clients to reach individual goals with best practice, effective coping strategies and efficient treatment instigating client growth and change.