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Tess Wilkinson is a Registered Psychologist who works with adults, adolescents, and children of all ages.


Tess adopts a client centred, holistic, and individually tailored approach to treatment. She places great emphasis on forming and maintaining a strong therapeutic relationship which she sees as a core component in helping her clients to live more fulfilling, successful, and resilient lives.


Tess is skilled in the application of a broad range of evidence-based psychological treatments. Depending on initial assessment and ongoing client needs, Tess can employ a suitable approach chosen from a range of therapies including:


  • Cognitive Behavioural (CBT),

  • Mindfulness,

  • Narrative,

  • Psychodynamic,

  • Developmental,

  • Play,

  • Acceptance and Commitment and

  • Schema


Tess has valuable experience in the treatment of a range of complex issues relating to;


  • Trauma and Chaos,

  • Grief and Loss,

  • Depression,

  • Anxiety,

  • Stress

  • Emotional and Self-Regulation,

  • Interpersonal difficulties,

  • Drug use, and

  • Sexuality/Identity concerns.  


Tess has also undergone additional and specific training directed at working with children, young people and adults impacted by Complex Trauma and PTSD.


Prior to branching out into private practice Tess worked in a CARE school in Rockingham. During her psychology studies she worked at Curtin University and provided wellbeing support for students. She also ran individual support sessions and group seminars at Curtin University. Tess has also worked as a tutor, taught workshops, and conducted lectures.

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