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I am a former engineer who became disillusioned with working in the oil and gas industry and decided to pursue a more fulfilling career in psychology. My therapeutic approach is eclectic, which means I use a wide variety of evidence-based interventions. I generally like to use a combination of cognitive (thoughts), emotional and behavioural interventions and approaches focused according to your needs, preferences, self-identified goals, and strengths.

Having received therapy myself, I am aware that this can be a daunting process. I actively try to reverse the typical ‘power dynamic’ of the therapeutic relationship by placing an emphasis on your goals and needs. I also recognise there must be a balance between being empowered and having a framework and direction to maximise the therapeutic potential of each session. To maintain this balance, I frequently ‘check in’ throughout the course of the therapy to determine whether it is meeting your expectations and needs. I place a high value on building and strengthening the therapeutic relationship through empathy and validation to promote feelings of safety, security and feeling heard and valued. I also like to encourage and utilise a ‘strength-based’ approach.

I have experience in working with individuals, couples, and families. I also have experience across different age demographics including adolescents, and adults.

More specifically I have had experience in the following areas: anxiety, depression, stress, trauma, life stage transitions (particularly adolescence), grief, domestic violence (with both victims and perpetrators), suicide and self-harm prevention, anger, addiction, personality disorders (primarily Cluster B), mandated clients, relationship counselling (based around John Gottman’s research), family conflict, and parent-child relationships.


I also have some experience of working with clients from diverse backgrounds and identifications (e.g. LGBTQIA+) and am always willing to learn more from such clients about their experiences. 

In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, listening to vintage rock music, swimming and spending time with my wife and son. I also enjoy reading and expanding my knowledge around the intersections between philosophy, religion, and psychology and also my interest in depth psychology.


  • Bachelor of Arts (Psychology with Honours)

  • Master of Applied Psychology

  • Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical)

  • Bachelor of Commerce 

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